Founder of Dynamic Self Awakening

Master Dr. GABRIEL S S

Master Dr. GABRIEL S.S. is known as the savior to many who had taken the course because he has given hope to those who have lost and turn many in the right direction on spirituality. His method and techniques are unique as they cater specifically for the Indians. His method is based on Dynamic principles; Love, Trust, Honesty, Discipline and Divinity with lots of humors, common sense and facts. Through Dynamic courses, he has given the true meaning of “Worship God, Respect Human”. His courses acts as a platform for any individual who seek to excel in life to greater heights.

He first established his training center, Dynamic Awareness Center in January 1991 and conducted his first training “Basic Self Awareness” course in February 1991. In September 1991 it was incorporated as “Dynamic Self Awakening (M) Sdn. Bhd.”

Master Dr. Gabriel S.S. has designed the course into 5 levels, DSA I, II, III, IV and DSA V. Each levels emphasis on different awareness.

He also conducts
various workshops.

He has authored 2 books in Tamil, Dynamic Self Awakening is the greatest guide to life (Dynamic Than Villippunarvuthaan Thalaisirantha Valikkati) and Fate can be changed (Vithiyai Maatri Amaithide Mudiyum). He is the chief editor for Dynamic Self Awakening monthly magazine known as Dynamic Awakening (Dynamic Vilippunarvu) which contain articles in 3 languages, Tamil, English and Bahasa Malaysia.

To reach the mass, he has set-up
Dynamic centers in 5 states in Malaysia, Kedah, Perak, Perlis, Selangor and Johor. Dynamic centers has been expanded overseas to Singapore and India. He is also conducting Dynamic self awakening courses at 2 locations, Chennai in Tamilnadu with a center in Pondicherry, India.

Before establishing a center in Singapore, he has conducted Dynamic previews at over 50 community centers.

He has been invited by various institutions and schools to give talks to both students and adults.

He has appeared on radio talk shows in Singapore on Oli 96.8 and in Malaysia on THRaaga. Currently he is 'on-air' every Tuesday Minnal FM at 9.15am.


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Books written by Master Dr Gabriel S S, Monthly Magazines, Calendars, Tie Pin....etc

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